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I thought I'd put up a post featuring all the work I've done so far with me good ol' mate Justin Sane.  These tracks are some of the remixes we've done over the past 4 or 5 months... these are some of the first house tracks we'd ever written!!  Buying details for the signed singles to come shortly.  Hope you enjoy :)

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (Justin Sane vs. Kyle Bourke Remix)
320k / MP3

Metro Station - Kelsey (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
320k / MP3

Smashproof - Brother (Justin Sane & Kyle Bourke Remix)
320k / MP3

Lily Allen - Not Fair (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
320k / MP3

Signed Remixes:

3Oh!3 - Don't Trust Me (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Atlantic Records

Kidz in Space - Downtime (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Move The Crowd Records

Elektrik Disko - Nothing But Love (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Luxury Records

Boh Runga - Evelyn (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Universal Records

Kids of 88 - My House (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Dryden St Recordings

Midnight Youth - All on our own (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Warner Music