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My latest collaboration (Sydney - Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane)

Here is a link to my latest collaboration with Justin Sane

This is how Justin describes it - Whilst over in Sydney recently, we had an idea for a track which we soon wrote upon returning to New Zealand. Here's an original prog-house anthem we started working on, made to remind us of what a great time we had there :)


Kyle Bourke - Techtroniks Vol. 1

As promised, here's a new mix!! It's a journey from prog/tech house, through to electro and fidget. Please note my website kylebourke.com is currently under construction so ignore the talking about visiting the website ;-)

Techtroniks Volume One
192kb / MP3

This link will take you to my sound cloud page, this mix can be streamed straight away from your computer or downloaded for you to take away on your Ipod :) Too easy!!!

Techtroniks Vol.1 Tracklisting

1. Gas Face - Tong & Spoon
2. Pressure - Dirty Vegas (Sultan & Ned Shepherd Remix) 
3. Alamo - Dirty South
4. Calabria 2008 - Enur (Kurd Maverick Remix) 
5. Miami to Atlanta - Pryda
6. Ghosts & Stuff - Deadmau5
7. Riverside - Sydney Samson
8. All on our own - Midnight Youth (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
9. Put your hands up for Detroit - Fedde Le Grand (Kyle Bourke & STOMP!)
10. Jack Got Jacked - AC Slater (Jack Beats Remix)
11. Bonkers! - Armin Van Helden feat. Dizzee Rascal
12. Tetris - Electrixx
13. Abstract - Kyle Bourke
14. Get Off - Sharooz (Miles Dyson Remix)

For more originals, upcoming events & booking details:

http://www.kylebourke.com website coming soon!
Free Downloads 

I thought I'd put up a post featuring all the work I've done so far with me good ol' mate Justin Sane.  These tracks are some of the remixes we've done over the past 4 or 5 months... these are some of the first house tracks we'd ever written!!  Buying details for the signed singles to come shortly.  Hope you enjoy :)

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (Justin Sane vs. Kyle Bourke Remix)
320k / MP3

Metro Station - Kelsey (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
320k / MP3

Smashproof - Brother (Justin Sane & Kyle Bourke Remix)
320k / MP3

Lily Allen - Not Fair (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
320k / MP3

Signed Remixes:

3Oh!3 - Don't Trust Me (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Atlantic Records

Kidz in Space - Downtime (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Move The Crowd Records

Elektrik Disko - Nothing But Love (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Luxury Records

Boh Runga - Evelyn (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Universal Records

Kids of 88 - My House (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Dryden St Recordings

Midnight Youth - All on our own (Kyle Bourke & Justin Sane Remix)
Warner Music
Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (Kyle Bourke Remix)

This is one of my remixes that has gotten a great response, I thought I'd put it out there for the masses. Enjoy :-)

Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (Kyle Bourke Remix)
320k / 15.6mb

Over the coming month you can catch me at Kinky Slinky, Space Invaders, Wild Weekender (ChCh), Stereodays and weekly sets at Cargo.

For more information, mixes and booking details please visit:


First Blog

First blog, I'll keep it brief...

I thought I'd start this to have an outlet for me to keep people updated with what I'm doing and what projects I'm undertaking - I'll try to put all the places to source my tracks, what gigs we're playing at and all other party shenanigans we undertake.  Knowing me I'll start this with the best intentions but forget in a week that I created this and that will be it, but we'll see how we go... 

Will update soon!