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New "Get Loaded" Blog on Snapstar.co.nz

Snapstar Blog can be found here.

When Snapstar asked us to put together a Get Loaded blog for them, we jumped at the chance to get on board. I've had the unique pleasure of watching Snapstar grow from its Wellington beginnings and since then it's only gone from strength to strength. So I think it's deserving to start by saying good on ya Snapstar on a job well done - and thanks for having myself and Get Loaded Records on board!

I'm going to start with the back-story of Get Loaded Records, touching on what we're all about and what we've been doing the past 10 months. Our mission from the start was to help promote and cultivate quality NZ dance music made by New Zealand producers and simultaneously grow the music-making community within our beautiful little country. If we can successfully share our home-bred talent with the rest of the World whilst getting producers collectively working with each other, then we can consider our job done.

Since we started Get Loaded Records in March 2010, we've had 27 package releases totalling to 45 singles, one CD album and signed 12 artists. It's been exciting being able to discover some of the incredibly talented up and coming New Zealand producers who I've personally probably would not have heard of if not for the label. With the amount of talent we have in New Zealand, it's been great having the opportunity to promote and distribute works from these talented kiwi producers to the global audience - even if
we are only doing it on a small scale (which realistically is all you can expect from an indie music label these days...). Regardless, the interest and support we've received from here and overseas has been truly overwhelming.

Here are some of the favourite singles we've put out so far on the label, going from most current to the older stuff:

Midi-Chlorian - Fil Alexander [Sinlge//GLR023]

Midi-chlorian by Fil Alexander

The talented Fil Alexander brings us a punchy bass-driven electro single and as per usual all hell breaks loose.

:: Click here to buy "Midi-Chlorian" from Beatport ::

I Will Never Give You Up - Obsessiv ft. Sophia May (EP Release//Kyle Bourke & Wade Marriner Remix) [GLR021]

Get Loaded Records was fortunate enough to host the Australasian release of this EP - featuring remixes from the #1 artist Bellatrax and our very own Kyle Bourke & Wade Marriner.

:: Click here to buy "I Will Never Give You Up" from Beatport ::

Quattro - A Ant [Single//GLR020]

A techy, dark number - Quattro from the talented Adam Ant (aka. A Ant//Basix) is what tech-house would be if you mixed it with the music from a eerie art film. Solid production, and a true testament to Adam's amazing skills.

:: Click here to buy "Quattro" from Beatport ::

A Time For Giving - Mr. Squatch [Single//GLR019]

Personally one of my favourites, A Time For Giving is a hugely melodic progressive house anthem that in my humble opinion could be one of the best singles I've ever heard from New Zealand to date.

:: Click here to buy "A Time For Giving" from Beatport ::

Progression - Kyle Bourke [CD Album//GLR01LP]

CD Album "Progression" - Kyle Bourke by GETLOADEDRECORDS

Lastly, to shamelessly self-promote - here's my debut album "Progression". Released in May 2010, "Progression" is a step in a new direction for myself and one that broke out of the mold of what I had done previously.

:: Click here to buy "Progression" from Beatport ::

So that is us for the first installment of the Get Loaded Blog - if you're still reading this then RESPECT. I probably wouldn't have, but I'm
obviously not as awesome as you. Seeing as you've assumingly shown interest in what we're doing I will finish by saying that you should make sure to stay tuned to the exclusive Snapstar blog - I will be doing my best to keep you readers up to date and informed on all the current affairs from our label and from the talented New Zealand artists we aim to promote. Thanks again and hope to see you at a club near you...

Until next time,

DJ/Producer/Live Act
Label Manager - Get Loaded Records


Upcoming Releases:
- Anthony Weeling - You're Already Gone (Kyle Bourke Remix) [GFab Records]
- A Time For Giving - Mr. Squatch [GLR019]
- Quattro - A Ant [GLR020]
- Obsessiv ft. Sophia May - I Will Never Give You Up [GLR021]
(Remixes from Bellatrax, Soulshaker, Timothy Allan, Kyle Bourke & Wade Marriner)
- Isaac Chambers EP [GLR022]

**Grab the CD Album "Progression - Kyle Bourke" from
www.kylebourke.com and support NZ Music!!**