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Slow Release & Sydney signed to Generation Records (Aus)

We're happy to announce that our productions "Slow Release" & "Sydney" have been signed to Generation Records based in Melbourne, Australia and will be available for purchase on Beatport in the near future. Slow Release has been released on Beatport as of the 6th of Aug 2009, you can purchase this prog house stomper from:


For those unfamiliar with Generation Records, they are a dance label founded by DJ/PRODUCER Marcus Knight in 2008 and have, in its short life already, unearthed many great talents. Initially releasing dance product from Marcus Knight, Ladi-Tash and Giulietta, Generation has already provided, 4 top 50 ARIA Club chart bombs in Australia. With tracks appearing on Central Stations Kiss FM comp and the upcoming Vinyl Pusher "RUSH" comp. Generation Volume 1 mixed by Thomas Hart & Sketchism released early 2009 marked its debut compilation with all tracks utilised Generation artists!